The Independent Consultant ?

The Independent Consultant ?

The Independent Consultant is for ambitious professionals who are ready to take on new challenges within their career and gain better compensation whilst doing it. You can get access to this programme for $150 ≈ £120.

The Offer expires until further notice

Michael brilliantly unpacks the stages and variables of contracting while helping you to synchronise your career trajectory that leads to the clear bigger picture and focused steps to take going forward. His honest, experience based advice and coaching lays the foundation for any individual to pursue contracting with bespoke practical steps. 

Demi Akintewe // Independent Consultant

Michael is an energetic, organised, and approachable individual with a clear desire to engage and communicate effectively with key stakeholders. He has become an asset to the whole team with high levels of professionalism and engagement throughout. Furthermore, he is highly productive and efficient in change management, conflict management, and operations in a busy and changing environment.

Josh Jones// Senior Consultant at EY

The Independent Consultant © Course Curriculum

Learn the essentials to helping you secure a contract and become a pro in the making

01. The Theory

  • Understanding the key terminology within the world of contracting
  • Knowing the key players in the Game
  • Gaining an idea behind how the market operates within the UK
  • Differentiating between other types of consulting
  • Identifying the key tax codes and regulations to remember
  • Gauging the pay brackets and how to calculate costs

02. The Journey

  • Learning Michael Tabirade's Journey from employee to independent consultant
  • Acknowledging the key pain and trigger points
  • Relating to a story that will support your journey into independent consulting

03. The Practice

  • Employ the fundamental steps towards finding contract
  • Implement strategies to growing your consulting network
  • Improving your personal brand both online and offline for client work
  • Managing the interview to get results

04. The Principle

  • Cognisant of the underlying values that make a professional consultant
  • Get a list of timeless guiding rules to live by
  • Feel more confident about transitioning into the independent consulting lifestyle

What you Will get in the course

Value packed videos

Educational, informative and action oriented videos to help streamline your thinking and execution. These videos are on-demand and can be watched anytime.

Practical Exercises

Step-by-step activities to help embed your personalised system, where you can stay on track with developing purpose-driven habits.

Access to useful template and tools

Use of CV templates, checklists and interviews tips to help you navigate the career space with confidence.

Join the Masteri Community

Become part of a growing and excited community that is focused on personal development and growth. Keep accountable with a tribe of ambitious self-starters.

Meet Your Instructor


Michael Tabirade

As a powerful speaker, Michael has spoken at numerous events focused on being your authentic self, honest impact and all things personal development. He gives great practical insights and invaluable nuggets of information that people naturally gravitate to.

Over the past 11 years he has managed NHS Health Services across the country, and is currently self-employed as an Independent Consultant working on National Transformation Programmes. He is a trained ILM, EMCC & ICF Coach practitioner, as well as an Author of 4 books. He helps professionals improve their productivity, realise their priorities, enhance their performance, and live their life on purpose. Additionally, he is an NHS graduate action learning set facilitator, helping future leaders manage themselves effectively.

Having spoken for organisations which include CAPCO, City University, NHS England and the UK Government, he strives to reach new heights, helping more people who need to become a better version of themselves.

If you are looking to level up and become the CEO of your Life, join him and enter the gates of the Masteri Method — a framework and philosophy that helps you direct your life.

Masteri Group Ltd, CEO

Here are what some clients have said about Michael...

Who This Is For...

  1. Working professionals who are ready to make the jump into being an independent consultant but don't know how
  2. Professionals who are seeking to climb the corporate ladder in potentially an accelerated fashion
  3. Ambitious professionals who want to get into government contracting as a solo artist
  4. Individuals who want a higher compensation but are willing to take on the "risk"
  5. People who want more autonomy and wanting a change in their career and lifestyle 

Who This Is Not For...

  1. People who are money hungry and only thinking of the money
  2. People who are not willing to take on any risks
  3. People are not willing to network and form new connections
  4. People who do not naturally work hard and deliver in their permanent 9 to 5
  5. People who whine and take no action
  6. People who make excuses and complain
  7. People who are stuck in information gathering mode and are not prepared to take action and get results
  8. People not serious about committing to getting a new contract!

Here's what people had to say about Michael's approach!

Michelle Muirhead

Fashion Educator & Consultant

Michael is very helpful in motivating and encouraging me to push forward. His delivery is very calming and he has the ability to motivate me. Although, it was going to take hard work, he always helps me not to become overwhelmed and reminds me that I am more than capable of of achieving my goals.

Amber Sorrell

Head of Diversity & Inclusion at the Department of Health & Social Care

I have always felt I could start my own businesses and had a few ideas, but had no idea where to start and suffered from self limiting beliefs. Michael was fantastic! The pre session work really encouraged me to focus my thoughts and ambitions. The sessions were structured perfectly, ensuring all my questions were answered and Michael was happy to clarify anything I didn't understand. He encouraged me to come up with my own ideas, but also really encouraged me to belief in myself and my own ability to achieve my dream.

Charles Kwashirai

Adult Student Nurse & Entrepreneur

Michael has a very great way of executing the information to you. His delivery is at 10 star rating for me. Michael is a Great coach and he took time to understand me before giving me loads of information. Henceforth l got information that worked for me. He is a Professional coach and has strong values and honest when he doesn't know things; his delivery on point. I recommend Michael because it works having someone like Michael coaching you. It enhances your productivity!

Frequently asked questions

Course Advisement

Who should take an Online course?

Students of this program will be individuals who are ready to make a transition in contracting world. This will usually be:

  • Professionals looking to become an independent consultant in the UK (please note contractor is synonymous with independent consultant here)

The majority of these professionals will be within administration, Project Management & PMO, change management or management settings, both in the public and private sector. This will likely be applicable to all levels, however people who have a stronger skillset, niche, qualification or experience will benefit from this course.

It’s important to note that programs, course or coaching does not work unless the client is willing to change. Commitment is at the forefront. This is not a magic program but an opportunity to accelerate your learning towards how to better self-manage and self-lead.

I don't have a lot of free time right now, should I still join?

You will know when you are ready to take a course like this. It is important that you dedicate some time to this programme so that there is opportunity to change. This course is not a race so I would recommend that you watch the videos at your own pace dedicated at least 15-30 mins a day, following the exercises sequentially.
“For things to change, you have to change” – Jim Rohn

What should I do if I need to start the course late?

As this course is on-demand you cannot start this course late and can start anytime.

Do I need specific equipment to take Online Courses?

To access this course you need to have good working standard Wi-Fi connection, utilising an operational Desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone device. In addition, you can use browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer – please make sure your operational system is up-to-date following the service provider instructions.

Additionally, we will provide you with further tools such templates from Google Drive and Notion, so make sure you have access to these tools. Alternatively, depending on your style of learning, you can use your own notepad, journal or free writing applications to help you with the exercises.

Do I have to complete this in six weeks or can I work at my own pace?

No, you can complete this at your own pace. However, for self-accountability, it is advised you aim to complete the course within 4-12 weeks. That way you will be able to gain the information and understanding you need, and reflect back on your progress to date. The programme is made up of pre-recorded videos part of an e-learning portal that you can access at any time using your email and password.

Are there prerequisites or language requirements?

The course will be conducted in English. Although this course to open to anyone who is interested in partaking the course, it is important to make sure they have a good degree of conversational English. This will be useful when navigating around the e-learning portal, conversating with other students, and understanding the course material. Students will be able to slow-down and speed-up the course videos at will.

How can I trust Michael Tabirade and this course?

No one has to do anything and it is all based on choice. For reference, Michael Tabirade is a trained Executive coach & mentor following principles from the ILM, EMCC and ICF. He has also been a Leadership 360 Facilitator for the NHS, and an Action Learning Set Facilitator for Graduates wanting to be Manager and Leaders. Furthermore, he is a Business Mentor for Entrepreneurs at the LaunchLab, a business hub part of City University.

Furthermore, with over 12 years professional managerial experience on a national and regional level within the UK, Michael is also a Change Management & MSP Practitioner. He is currently an independent consultant both for his training-coaching company, as well as for the public sector, working particularly in the following areas:

  • Strategic Workforce
  • Resource Management
  • Recruitment
  • Project & Programme Management
  • PMO
  • Change Management

What guarantees are in place if The Independent Consultant doesn’t work for me?

There are no guarantees in life, and we do not guarantee any form of success – but we do encourage it! The aim of the course is to provide a framework for improving your success rate when applying for a job role.

Registration Process & Financial Considerations

When and how do I register?

Registration is available via the Masteri Academy website.

How Much Do Your Course Cost?

Currently the course is on offer as it is an inaugural course. It will cost $150, which is roughly £120 and €140 as of 03rd June 2022.

When does the course start and what is the timeline?

This is a course and is open from 10th of June, 2022 and can be taken at your own pace.

My payment did not go through. What do I do?

This could be down to a number of reasons but we would make sure you have checked the following:

  • Check that you have enough money in your checking or current account that you are using to make the payment
  • Also check with your bank to see if they have sent you an alert or message to your email or associated devices via text or notification, before your payment is accepted
  • You may have to call your bank to approve your payment
  • Make sure to check your internet connection, browsers and devices are up-to-date before making payment

You are also welcome to contact for further guidance.

What are your Terms and Conditions?

You can find our terms of service, privacy policy and disclaimer via the hyperlinked text.

What happens after I sign up for the The Independent Consultant Course?

Once you sign up to the The Independent Consultant, you will be able to access the course via your email and password – here you will be exposed to the Welcome video which will help you navigate through the program. You will also be able to access an online private community via the Masteri academy website, where you can learn and connect with other community members. You will also get email communications in relation to the programme.

How It Works – The Online Learning Experience

How do I access my course?

You can access the course via the Masteri Academy powered by Mighty Networks. You can do this via your desktop, laptop, tablet device or smart phone online. You can also access the course via mobile application via your iOS device or Android device and search for the Masteri Academy.

How long is my course?

There is no defined duration for completion of this course. You can complete it at your own pace. It’s important however to create your own routine and rhythm for when you access the course and complete the exercises.

If I purchase this course now can I start at a later date?

Yes, you can start this course when appropriate, as long as you have purchased the course and registration details have been setup.

Will it take a lot of time to complete The Independent Consultant Course?

You can complete the program at your own pace.

How does Online Learning work?

With this online experience you will be able to:

  • Access to pre-recorded videos associated to a module
  • These videos will be a mix between explainer and action-oriented videos
  • These videos will be accompanied by additional information to help support you on that topic
  • Templates and tools will be available either on the video section or in a separate section dedicated to tools, templates and further information
  • You will be also be able to access the Masteri Academy community which is an interactive based social feed when you can comment, engage and interact with content and other individuals

How do I contact technical support during my course?

For technical support please contact; we should be able to respond within 2 business days.

Can I access this course on my smart phone?

Yes you can, you can access the program online via navigating to the course section, or via mobile application via your iOS device or Android device by downloading the Mighty Networks App and searching for the ‘Masteri Academy’ whilst inside the app.

Course Completion

I completed my course, now what?

Once you have completed the course it's time to take action on some of the course content, and start aiming to get a new role!

Make sure that you have completed the exercises, step by step and refer back to any sections you are not sure of.  If you feel you would like to gain one-to-one coaching after completion of the program, then click here to find out more information.

How can Online Courses bolster my career options?

This course will give you the tools, philosophy and framework to help navigate your career development with more confidence as an independent consultant within the UK.

Additional Questions

Why does The Independent Consultant Exist?

The Independent Consultant course exists to help ambitious professionals gain a new role in contracting and escape the permanency of a typical 9-to-5. Effectively it aims to help individuals have confidence in the job search, application and interview process - especially if it is for a relevant role that is the "logical" next step within this space.

Will The Independent Consultant course ever be updated?

Yes, the aim is for The Independent Consultant to be a comprehensive guide that people can rely on for a system and framework to help professionals get a new job role. All members part of the course, will have access to updated course material and this is likely to be done at least once a year.

What kind of personal support is provided?

This is a self-paced course that gives you access to an online private community. There is an ability to form new connections and accountability partners if deemed appropriate.

How is this course different from others?

Every course provider will claim to be different or have a unique selling point. Here we will outline what we focus on in order to make this a beneficial course.

We have built a comprehensive easy to follow program that aims to help you understand and integrate purpose-driven habits towards your career progression.

The material hosted on this course comes from a range of different schools of thought stemmed from collective experiences from the host as a job searcher, senior manager, Workforce & Resourcing Lead and Executive Coach & Facilitator for the UK Public Sector.

As highlighted before, as deemed best fit, the course will naturally evolve as time goes on, and based on suitable recommendation and changes to the market. 

This course does not aim to be completely bound by theory, but rather aiding the practical application of purpose-driven habits so that you can embed useful practices for your applications. The course is run by a trained coach practitioner, but somebody that embodies this in their daily life.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

You can contact the Team at

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