I do not care about popularity, I’d rather be myself *
I always do what I believe *
I am honest with myself in most situations *
I live in accordance with my values *
I cannot identify with how I truly feel inside *
I feel like I don’t actually know myself well *
I feel like I cannot connect with the ‘real me’ *
I feel ‘detached’ from myself *
I am influenced by other people’s opinions *
I feel like I do what other people tell me to do *
I feel it’s best to do what others expect me to do *
I am heavily influenced by others *


I usually write down clear and concise goals I want achieve within the next 90 days (Clarity) *
I usually know what skills I need to develop to achieve my goals (Competence) *
My goals are usually challenging (Challenge) *
I have ways to understand how well I am doing against my goals (Feedback) *
I follow the mantra “If it is not measured it does not exist” when it comes to goal setting (Feedback) *
I usually have a system for helping me achieve my goals (Accountability) *
I believe I am becoming the person I want to be (Ideal Self) *
I am a confident person (Self-esteem) *
I see myself as an achiever (Self-Image) *
I see myself as a Winner (Self-image) *
I abundantly know that I am deserving of love (Self-esteem) *
I know that my future is bright (Ideal Self) *


I am comfortable starting a conversation (Initiation) *
I usually know when to talk and when to listen (Etiquette) *
I usually do not switch to a new topic too quickly (Topic maintenance) *
I do not allow people to assume wrong impressions from my conversations (Accuracy) *
I know how to appropriately adapt my style in different types of conversations (Appropriation) *
I usually find it easy to deeply listen to what a person is saying in a conversation (Distractability) *
I am able to follow up with effective questions that open up more dialogue on a topic (Enquiry) *
I am able to keep the main details of a conversation and track back when we slightly go off-topic (Memory) *
In my mind I know how to structure and steer a conversation in advance (Influence) *
I am able to put ideas together in a simple and logical way (Structure) *
I can talk about a diverse range of things (Flexibility) *
I am able to connect emotionally to a person during a conversation (Emotional competency) *


Health is very important to me *
I do some form of mindful practice on a daily basis *
I am happy with my body *
I do not drink more than 14 units of alcohol a week (14 units = 6 pints of beer or 10 small glasses of weak wine) *
I do not consume addictive or recreational drugs *
I frequently do some form of intense cardio, muscle and strength training or activity each week *
Over the last two weeks my mood has been very good (mood) *
I usually sleep well (sleep) *
I rarely feel anxious (anxiety) *
I rarely feel stressed (stress) *
I usually plan and eat a healthy and balanced diet most days (e.g. at least half plate of veg, a third of protein, a third of carbs) *
I am satisfied with my social interactions and networks throughout most weeks *

Demographic Questions

What is your sex? *
What is your age range? *
How would you describe your ethnicity? *
What is your country of residecnce? *
Which best fits your current employment status? *
What best fits your occupation? *
What best describes your industry? *
What is your gross income per year? *
What is your education level? *

Open Book: You are very open and genuine about your thoughts and feelings. You live authentically, aligning your actions with your true self, and you're comfortable sharing your true self with others.

Neutral Book: You are generally authentic, but sometimes self-doubt and inconsistency might prevent you from fully expressing your true self. You are authentic to a degree but might hold back in certain situations.

Closed Book: You tend to keep your deeper feelings and thoughts to yourself. You may find it challenging to open up and might benefit from practices that encourage self-expression and emotional awareness

Definite Mind: You have a clear and focused mind. You're decisive, have well-defined plans and goals, and approach life with a direct and straightforward mindset.

Neutral Mind: Sometimes you feel confident and clear about your direction, but at other times, you might experience confusion or indecisiveness. You balance between being planful and spontaneous

Indefinite Mind: Your thinking is dominated by creativity and intuition more than logical planning. You have a vivid imagination and might prefer exploring ideas and possibilities over concrete plans.

Active Influential: You are a strong communicator, actively engaging in conversations and effectively influencing others. You are confident in social settings and have a significant impact through your communication.

Neutral Influential: You can comfortably interact with others, but sometimes you may choose to be more reserved. You balance between being outspoken and being a listener, adapting your communication style to the situation.

Passive Influential: You tend to be more reserved in your communication, often keeping your thoughts to yourself. You may prefer to observe rather than participate actively in discussions.

Proactive: Health and well-being are top priorities for you, and you actively work to maintain them. You engage in healthy practices consistently and take a proactive approach to your physical and mental health.

Neutral Active: While health is important to you, it may not always be your main focus. You sometimes actively pursue healthy habits, but other times, life's demands might take precedence.

Reactive: Your approach to health tends to be more reactive; you may address health concerns as they arise rather than proactively. Busy with other aspects of life, health may not always be at the forefront of your priorities.