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Masteri provides Personal Brands who are in the Personal Development niche, an opportunity to move away from the glits and glam of mainstream social media, and focus on building a strong connection with their growing community.

Why the Masteri Academy?

The Masteri Academy is a space where Personal Development self-starters and enthusiasts can share a space, and grow together. It utilises the premium Mighty Neworks package which gives Personal Brands the opportunity to do much more than your standard social media.

As a host you have the priveledges of hosting, organising, creating privacy and sharing information in a shared space.

Features of this Membership

For Individual Personal Brand

  • Save on hosting fees by x10 the price
  • Create a private space for you to develop your community away from the nosie
  • Become part of a wider community that focuses on personal growth
  • Make your events visible to other groups hosted within the community
  • Easily send out mass communications via the app or email to your community
  • Schedule and organise your content in advance

For Group Members

  • Easy access and sign up to your group
  • Access to other free resources outside of the group
  • A space away from mainstream social media sites
  • A opportunity to network with other like minded individuals
  • Attend free and paid events hosted inside the platform

Next Steps

If this is something that makes sense for you, then here is what you do:

  • Fill in your details below and make payment
  • Await an email invite to the Masteri Academy
  • Receive an email inviting you as Host into a secret group labelled as your Name
  • Remove the admin from the group (optional)
  • Manage the branding and organisation of your Group
  • Start to invite your first members
  • Add or schedule content and events for your group


If this sounds like a good fit for you, then you can enter in your details and make payment below.

Contact Us

If you have a media enquiry or want to discuss booking us to speak at one of your events then please email us at

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