Masteri Group has Ambassadors who are specialists or experienced in the areas of work, entrepreneurship, leadership and project management.  Our team is unique as they fill the void between relating to individuals of the London young and professional diaspora, in addition to creative and ambitious self-starters. “We’re challenging the status quo.” Masteri is an honest brand that challenges self-starters to consider ‘How good do you want to be?’ At the heart of the brand is an experienced mentor, helping self-starters navigate through the challenges of transforming an idea into a tangible outcome.

Masteri aims to empower self-starters with the startegies that encourage the success of professional and personal goals. Our value proposition equipps thinkers and innovators with the confidence and systems to transform ideas into realities. This is done via various channels such as information, workshops, mentorship, our community and public speaking events.

Our dynamic and professional team works hard to deliver the core of the brand by asking the Masteri audience “How good do you want to be?” This empowers Masteri members with the autonomy to make the internal changes in order to take full advantage of what Masteri has to offer. In addition, we also have Masteri Ambassadors that embody the Masteri brand and its principles.

Masteri Group was born to provide products and services that helped self-starters on their journey towards becoming self-made. This is done by educating people about principle, strategies and goals that can be used to empower people to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Our vision is based on 6 core principles which is at the heart of our brand message:

  •  Value
  • Imagination
  • Sorting and Systems
  • Initiation
  • Observation
  • Networking and Growth

Masteri will be offering a course on these principles and will keep members notified once available.