Your Masteri Performance Results

Masteri Leadership Model

Thank you for taking this survey. As you can tell, this survey will give you some insights into how you are as a Leadership and as a High Performing individual. You can access your survey results anytime using the link; however you must use the same device or internet connection to access it. If you would like to keep a copy of your results, click the link above to print as a PDF (this is the same as converting this page into a PDF).

This survey was split into 4 main categories that Masteri uses to define High Performance, in addition to the Category “Perception.” Although the perception category is not formally part of the Masteri framework as yet, it does help you to understand how you think others see you. The Masteri High Performance categories are:

  • Audacious Authenticity
  • Crystal Clarity
  • Considered Communication
  • Voracious Vitality

Your Results

Your overall performance score is 9572 out of 300

This total score shows that work is to be done to be a more productive person. Please read the suggestions below for more information.

This reveals that you have the Performance Archetype “The Student”. You have a chance to improve different aspects of your life. Do not get overwhelmed by this, but really ask yourself, “How honest have I been with myself?” Begin looking at areas of your life you want to improve, and start on it one at a time..

  • Your results for Authenticity was a score of 1 out of 60.
  • Your results for Clarity was a score of 0 out of 60.
  • Your results for Communication was a score of 0 out of 60.
  • Your results for Vitality was a score of 0 out of 60.
  • Your results for Perception was a score of 0 out of 60.

Explaining your results in a bit more detail

Below are your scores and some recommendations to help improve your life focusing on the latest studies in psychology and performance.

Your Authenticity score 1 out of 60

You get on with life and at times avoid getting lost in feelings. In this instance, Authenticity has a scale between being Open and Closed, like being an open book and a closed book. Your score indicates that you are more of a closed book, showing you are more comfortable keeping it moving, and don’t always express how you feel. It may help to explore some wellbeing practices such as journaling, meditation or therapy if it is required.

Your Clarity score 0 out of 60

You have may have wild and vivid imagination with many thoughts running at the same time. You are very good big picture and possibly strategy. In this instance, Clarity has a scale between Indefinite and Definite. Your score indicates that you are more Indefinite, showing you are more of a creative in your processing. You may be more rooted in feeling and intuition, as opposed to thinking and logic. This is useful when helping others think outside the box.

Your Communication score 0 out of 60

Whether you speak your mind or stay more quiet you are definitely in your head. In this instance, Communication has a scale between Active and Passive. Your score indicates that you are more Passive, showing you communicate based on what’s in your head as opposed to what you observe. This may cause a communication block with people at times.

Your Vitality score 0 out of 60

You may not necessarily feel yourself or in your body at times. In an ideal world you would like to take better care of yourself. In this instance, Vitality has a scale between Proactive and Reactive. Your score indicates that you are more Reactive, showing you that your environment and life has got in the way of your health. Keep an eye on this because your health is all you have got and is likely effecting your ability to be achieve a specific goal you have in life.

Understanding the pillars in more detail

Human Performance carries many definitions. Essentially, it is the measurable act or process of fulfilling a task or function. These acts can be measured from either a qualitative or quantitative perspective in context to a standard that is aiming to be achieved. All human performance is effected by these three main factors: biology, psychology and environment. We improve our performance when we are able to influence elements of these factors. This is where we get into the realm of understanding our locus of control. As a high performer, there is a proactiveness to your intent, as opposed to a reactiveness.

The 4 Masteri Pillars below stem from studies and research, focusing on what influences a person’s performance, taking into consideration biology, psychology and environment, and give us a framework for how we can better manage our performance. As a ‘Group’ we will continue to measure the effects of these pillars on people and their performance.

Check out more information on the pillars below. Please note these are based on how you have defined your observable behaviours and should be treated as gospel, but rather as a potential guide towards your personal development.


Studies have shown that the quality of being authentic is important for developing yourself as a leader, and can in fact make you happier. A good level of authenticity is crucial for wellbeing, whereas a poor level can lead to psychological challenges. It requires one to be their honest selves, and far removed from showing a self that is dishonest. In the article The Authenticity Scale: Validation in Russian Culture, it states that “Authenticity is considered a trait responsible for a person’s ability to be oneself. It helps people resist environmental pressure and prevent self-alienation, which contributes to maintaining psychological wellbeing.” The original Authenticity Scale includes three subscales:

  • Authentic Living: This is where you act in accordance to your true feelings. In many ways, your word is your bond, and do what you say, and you say what you mean.
  • Accepting External Influence: This is where an individual is still able to be themselves, despite perceived societal pressure to “fit in”
  • Self-Alienation: And finally, this is where an individual is comfortable being themselves, as they understand who they are and what they are about. If this were not the case, they are more likely to feel self-alienation.

A study done in 1997 showed that the more authentic you feel when fulfilling a role, the less stressed you are likely to be. The question then becomes, should we be authentic all the time? That is very much a contextual question that lies in the process known as self-monitoring; essentially a process where you adapt your character given a situation. Having an intelligent balance between high and low monitoring may be beneficial given your social situation. This intelligence will be developed by conducting self-awareness practices that will help you determine what the right balance looks like. This includes journaling, exercise, establishing your values and many more.

As you can see, there are many benefits to being authentic, hence why it is in this report. Check your results to determine your potential authentic indicators. Please note that these are not conclusive and may act as potential illustrations of your relative levels of authenticity.

Crystal Clarity

There is a clear link between clarity and high performance. In studies, clarity is defined as specificity, i.e. adding specifics to a particular task or activity. There is also a link between clarity and difficulty, i.e. if the task is hard to complete, you can measure relative levels of performance. This has been popularised by Locke and Lantham in their Goal Setting theory.

Funnily enough, individuals have been laughed at for not being able to multitask, but research has shown that no one actually can, and what is simply happening is that there is a reduction in your attention, retention, comprehension and overall performance. It is apt to remember that a task is linked to one neuron firing in our brain at a time and this effort is not concurrent by nature. The speed of a neuron firing however may give this impression. What is better for productivity is single-tasking, an opportunity that focuses on one task at a time as opposed to many at one time.

As much as we refer to clarity from a goal setting perspective, clarity is also linked to mindfulness and wellbeing. This is denoted in the psychology literature as self-concept clarity. This is the ability to know oneself conceptually over moments of time, through mindful practices. There is a clear link between self-concept clarity and fulfilling pursuits and relationships. This ties in nicely with the section of Audacious Authenticity and clearly knowing yourself and can lead to improved psychological wellbeing.

Both forms of clarity are important when it comes to achieving high performance in your pursuits.

Considered Communication

Emotional Intelligence has scoured the scene since Daniel Goleman popularised it in the 90s with his book, Emotional Intelligence. Essentially, it breaks down the qualities of emotional intelligence being:

  • Self-awareness
  • Self management
  • Social-awareness
  • Social management
  • Motivation

Although, recent studies have come up with different qualities that contribute to emotional intelligence such as the 9 Layered model, it underpins a lot of human development and human performance. It is undoubtable based on the studies, and practical application, that improved emotional intelligence can enhance your communication and leadership skills. Our ability to communicate, in effect, determines our outcomes to a degree. What we say to ourselves and what we say to others shapes our world.

Voracious Vitality

We naturally need our bodies to function. The micro affects the macro level, and therefore how we look after our mind, body and sense of spirit, is crucial. After all, we are intelligent bio-machines that require our hierarchy of needs. There is a clear link between lifestyle and productivity, and therefore performance. Lifestyle can be broken down into psychological stress, sleep, nutrition, mobility or exercise, labour or activities.

Underpinning all of this, energy is at centre stage when it comes to your level of performance. Personal Development speakers have previously lauded that those at the top of their game usually have the most energy. Whether this can be measured or not, your performance is related to your state of health. The word health is a relative term and talks to a state of wellbeing which can be broken up into multiple parts. Understanding what great health looks like for you is important, and routines, habits and activities should be factored in, in order to ensure you are looking after your temple.

How we can help increase your score over time…

Personal and professional development is something we should all take seriously. When it comes to improving your health, what things naturally come to mind? Here some of the following examples:

  • Create a healthy eating meal plan
  • Go to the gym regularly
  • Procure a personal trainer
  • Follow a workplan or membership
  • Meditate and focus on the ‘breath’
  • Take supporting Vitamins and minerals
  • Create a morning and evening routine
  • Etc.!

There are plenty of ways to do this but how does this work for personal development? At Masteri, we have developed a space for self-starters and leaders wanting to improve their high performance in different areas of their life. This will help hold you to account, in a fun, practical and empowering way, so that you can get closer to the version of yourself you want to be. You can find out more information about it here and try it for free for the first 7 days!.