The 7-Step Video Guide to Help You Live A Life of Meaning And Impact

Based on Practical And Psychology Backed Tips

In this recorded event you will Learn How to:

  • Improve your Mental well-being
  • Connect with your Authentic Self
  • Define clear-cut goals
  • Build meaningful relationships
  • Work towards that summer body
  • Making you feel like a boss!

High Performance Coach, Michael Tabirade will be hosting this feature long recorded workshop to inform, inspire and invigorate you to take control of your emotional, mental and financial wellbeing.

He recognises and appreciates the difficulties that we all face and provides realistic tools and strategies to help us move forward. Although the information in this presentation may feel overwhelming, it is to be taken one nugget at a time.

The pandemic era has not been easy, but now is the time to take back control of what is yours.

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