Your Masteri Performance Results

Masteri Leadership Model

Thank you for taking this survey. As you can tell, this survey will give you some insights into how you are as a Leadership and as a High Performing individual. You can access your survey results anytime using the link; however you must use the same device or internet connection to access it. If you would like to keep a copy of your results, click the link above to print as a PDF (this is the same as converting this page into a PDF).

This survey was split into 4 main categories that Masteri uses to define High Performance, in addition to the Category “Perception.” Although the perception category is not formally part of the Masteri framework as yet, it does help you to understand how you think others see you. The Masteri High Performance categories are:

  • Audacious Authenticity
  • Crystal Clarity
  • Considered Communication
  • Voracious Vitality

Your Results

Emerging High Performer

Your score places you in the exceptional performer category. It reflects a strong self-perception as a high achiever, often excelling in productivity and effectiveness. While your performance is commendable, remember that even at this level, there are opportunities for further growth and refinement. Continual self-improvement will help you maintain and even surpass your current achievements.

Exceptional High Performer

Your score indicates you’re an emerging high performer. You demonstrate considerable potential and key elements of high performance. To transition into a truly high-performing individual, focus on identifying and strengthening areas that require development. Embracing continuous learning and seeking opportunities for growth will significantly enhance your performance.

Developing Performer

Your total score places you in the developing performer range. You exhibit some attributes of high performance, yet there is substantial room for improvement. This phase is crucial for building a foundation for higher productivity and effectiveness. Focus on understanding your strengths and areas for development, and consider strategies that can help elevate your performance to the next level.

Aspiring Performer

This score range suggests that you are at the beginning of your journey towards becoming a more productive individual. It’s an opportunity to build a strong foundation for future growth. Reflect on your current practices and identify key areas that need attention. With dedication and the right strategies, you can significantly improve your performance. Review the suggestions provided to start your journey of personal and professional development.

Based on this, you embody ‘The All Star‘ archetype, excelling in authenticity, clarity, communication, and vitality. You’re a well-rounded individual who effectively balances various aspects of life. To maintain this harmony, continue nurturing each area equally and embrace the continuous journey of self-improvement, through consistent self-assessment and by seeking new challenges to keep growing.

As ‘The Striver,’ you show remarkable proficiency in most areas but sometimes at the expense of your health. Focus on integrating self-care practices, such as adequate rest, balanced nutrition, and regular exercise, to sustain your impressive performance levels. High performance includes caring for your mind, body, and spirit, so remember to take breaks and engage in activities that rejuvenate you.

Identified as ‘The Visionary Leader,’ you have strong clarity and authenticity, though communication and vitality may need more attention. Work on expressing your vision more effectively to others and incorporate health routines into your daily life. Regular exercise and mindful practices can enhance your holistic performance.

Your archetype, ‘The Authentic Explorer,’ suggests honesty and authenticity, yet there are barriers in applying these qualities daily, showing room for growth in clarity, communication, and vitality. Reflect on what holds you back and actively seek ways to express your values through actions. Embrace opportunities for self-expression and personal health, bringing your strong values into every aspect of life. You may want to consider exploring creative outlets or volunteering to align your life with your beliefs.

As ‘The Soldier,’ you demonstrate effectiveness, discipline and vitality but may face challenges in communication. Your disciplined approach is admirable; however, to improve your communication and social skills, engage in activities that require teamwork or public speaking. Developing emotional intelligence through workshops or mentorship can also enhance your influence.

As ‘The Pilgrim,’ you inspire others with your passion. However, focus on clarifying your goals and articulating your vision. Continue to share your enthusiasm while working on articulating your vision and goals more clearly for greater effectiveness. Journaling your aspirations or seeking feedback from trusted peers can help in defining a clearer path forward.

Identified as ‘The Spiritualist,’ you excel in authenticity and vitality. There’s potential to enhance clarity and communication. Balance this by working on clear communication and engaging in practical tasks. Managing your inner focus with clear outward expression will enrich your journey and influence. Networking or joining groups with similar values can keep you grounded and connected.

As ‘The Spokesperson,’ you’re a skilled communicator but might need to focus more on health and clarity. Your ability to engage others is a strength! To make your message more impactful, practice active listening and tailor your communication to your audience. Complement it with self-care and clearer objectives to heighten your influence. Regular health routines and setting clear personal goals will enhance your overall well-being.

Your archetype, ‘The Politician,’ suggests charisma, proficiency in clarity and communication, with room to grow in authenticity. Strive for genuine self-reflection and alignment with your core values for a more authentic leadership style. Focus on authentic self-expression and introspection to ensure your actions align with your words. Reflect on your core values and consider how they guide your decisions and interactions.

As ‘The Charismatic Communicator,’ you possess charm and communication skills, and your charisma opens doors. Yet there’s a need for consistency between your words and actions. Work on aligning your external expressions with your true intentions for greater integrity. Ensure your actions match your words by setting realistic goals and following through. Time management techniques can help you focus on what’s important, aligning your energy with your intentions.

Your archetype, ‘The Analyst,’ indicates a logical and practical approach but may lack deeper connection. Focus on what truly drives you and explore ways to add more meaning and personal connection to your life. Seek deeper connections and meaning in your life by exploring hobbies or community involvement. Mindfulness practices can also help you connect with your emotions and the world around you.

Identified as ‘The Athlete,’ you prioritize your physical and mental well-being. Enhance this by deepening emotional connections and self-discovery. Explore new interests and engage in social activities to balance your inward focus with outward engagement.

As ‘The Presenter,’ you’re relatable and connect well with others, yet there’s room to enhance personal clarity and health. Deepen these connections by exploring your inner truths and desires, while defining your personal goals clearly. Establish a healthy lifestyle and set of routines to support your goals and aspirations, providing the energy and motivation to achieve them.

Your archetype, ‘The Welllness Champion,’ shows a strong commitment to health, possibly at the expense of other areas. Reflect on why health is important to you and use this insight to balance and enrich other life aspects. Set goals in your personal and professional life to channel your energy effectively.

Identified as ‘The Health Mentor,’ you motivate others through your focus on health and vitality. Ensure this doesn’t become a chore; look beneath the surface to align your actions with your deeper goals and desires. Periodic self-reflection can help you understand what you truly seek from life, beyond surface achievements.

As ‘The Student,’ you have opportunities to enhance various life aspects. Don’t be overwhelmed; start by being honest with yourself and systematically address areas you wish to improve, one step at a time. Seek learning opportunities, whether formal education or self-study, to systematically enhance your skills and knowledge.