I feel I have something to say…


You are a very special human being! Yes you! You have accumulated so many skills, understandings and learnings that need to be shared and expressed to people! This being the case it is also true that someone else needs to hear what you have to say. We all need uplifting, we all need advice, we all need to follow a leader and expert in the field of study that will help us get to our destination. You could be that person.


Determine your self-worth

The question is where do you start? I always say the best place to start is with yourself and get to know your self-worth. A great way to start this is to write down 10 things that make you a valuable person. The first step to achieving anything is certainty in your belief of who you are. The qualities of who you are are normally synonymous to the person you want to become. Let me explain… professionals in their field focus on their strengths relative to their weaknesses and work with people who share the same vision who have strengths in their weakness.

Once you have written your values down (do this with an objective person if it’s difficult), ask 5 people to write down 5  valuable things that they think you have as traits. Compare the notes and record all the similarities and new findings you discover. If you want to go deeper ask these 5 friends the reasoning behind their choices – make it clear to them that it’s important to be as genuine and honest as possible you are not looking for compliments.

Once you have done this write down 10 events in your life where you have had to overcome something, this could be academic, a romantic event, or even a health issue. With these 10 events circle your top 2 events that you feel most passionate about or had the biggest impact. Whatever you have circled could be the very thing that you are an expert in. Now research what other people have said about this, chosen topic, and keep a record of this in your documentation. As a public speaker you have the ability to be a true problem solver relative to someone who just wants to make money, so be good at solving people’s problems. Direct them on a path that positions them for success.

Begin to define your audience and be highly specific as to who they are. Are you targeting property investors? Are you targeting people between the ages of 18 – 24? Are you targeting single parent fathers? Who is in your audience? Find your audience, refine it and use data to help you confidently solve their problems.


Stay Motivated

Never ever be discouraged by what people say to you. Keep yourself motivated and be filled with enthusiasm. Read the right books that help you develop self-confidence, watch motivational YouTube videos, hang around with people who share or support your ideas and vision. Controlling your environment is key to your success! If you haven’t done so already signup and visit your local toastmasters. The toastmasters environment and attending weekly sessions will really allow you to understand how to speak in front of people, in addition to giving you the confidence to do it! Above everything else confidence and being aware of how you speak is what makes you a great speaker. Put yourself out there and tell people you are a speaker!


Organise your thoughts and develop your brand

The next step is to systemise what you know. People love steps! Create steps within steps and use diagrams to illustrate your points! It is very important to create these steps because people have so much to say, but do not organise their thoughts in a way that make the information impacting and useful. Napoleon Hill said in his book The Laws of Success – “Power grows out of ORGANISED KNOWLEDGE, but, mind you, it “grows out of it” through application and use!”.

It is vital that you have a personal blog, website, and YouTube channel (very important) to leverage and express your organised thoughts and ideas to the world!! This step takes courage and once you begin, make sure you are consistent and enjoy doing what you love! Personal branding will make you stand out as it displays your uniqueness. Attend workshops, seminars, and networking events to gain more information, enhance your techniques, collaborate with people, in addition to finding elaborate ways to make money!


The final step is host an event! Find a venue, day and time, and advertise your event to your audience. Meetup.com is a great platform to help you do this, as well as Facebook and other forms of social media.

And that is that! Some simple steps to help you speak up and say what you have to say!

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